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Eden Badertscher
Great point about online education. Unfortunately, the majority of people in prison have almost no access to technology. Worse yet, in most cases where they do, the costs of the technology are passed on to those who are incarcerated and their families, further burdening in yet another way, those very people and families who have been failed repeatedly. You are so right that remote learning could transform educational access (though it should be combined with face-to-face modalities for a variety of reasons) for those who are incarcerated, and yet, we don't as a society readily provide that. It is frustrating but connected to your point about treatment. The US is far and away the country that incarcerates the most people per capita; our system is set up to punish & control rather than rehabilitate & empower. And it feels as though we are extending this model into schools with metal detectors, school security, and the like, rather than transforming our approach. We need education advocates like you!
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