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Ashley Lewis Presser, PhD, is an educational researcher whose work has helped shape the knowledge base about effective teaching and technology use practices in preschool math and science. Her research interests include digital games, classroom technology integration, and comprehension within various media formats.

Lewis Presser is a principal investigator of Next Generation Preschool Math, a four-year initiative to co-develop and evaluate supplemental preschool math modules that integrate digital games and non-digital classroom activities to promote young children’s learning of foundational mathematics concepts. Her randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental studies have offered new insights into how young children develop mathematical knowledge and what classroom practices can best support student achievement.

Lewis Presser earned a BS in psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an MA and PhD in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota.

“We leverage research to create effective learning experiences for teachers, students, and parents.”

Speaking Highlights

Tapping into Digital Games for Preschool Math: The Impact of Digital and Non-Digital Curricular Activities on Subsequent Math Learning

Co-presentation, Head Start Research Conference
Washington, D.C.
July 2016

Improving Mathematics Learning by Integrating Curricular Activities with Innovative and Developmentally Appropriate Digital Apps: Findings from the Next Generation Preschool Math Evaluation

Co-presentation, Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness
Washington, D.C.

Infusing Research into Digital Resource Development: Next Generation Preschool Math and Science

Keynote speech, Leveraging Learning Conference
Auburn, ME



Field-Testing the Math Apps
New York Times, September 2, 2013

Selected Publications

Lewis Presser, A. E., Clements, M., Ginsburg, H. G., & Ertle, B. (2015). Effects of a preschool and kindergarten mathematics curriculum: Big math for little kids. Early Education and Development, 26(1), 1–28.

Ertle, B., Rosenfeld, D., Lewis Presser, A.E., & Goldstein, M. (2016, April). Preparing preschool teachers to use and benefit from formative assessment: The Birthday Party Assessment professional development system. ZDM Mathematics Education.

Culp, K., Martin, W., Clements, M., & Lewis Presser, A. E. (2015). Testing the impact of a pre-instructional digital game on middle-grade students’ understanding of photosynthesis. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 20(1), 5–26. 

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