GSA Schedules

EDC is a preapproved, federally qualified vendor through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). The GSA contract certifies that EDC can meet competition, pricing, small business, and other federal contract requirements for the services specified in each schedule. EDC’s expertise in early child development, K-12 education, health promotion, workforce preparation, community development, learning technologies, basic and adult education, institutional reform, and social justice allows us to provide our federal clients with an extensive array of contracted services described by the following GSA schedule titles and Special Item Numbers (SINs):

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)

  • 874-1, 874-1RC Consulting Services: Services may include providing expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of agencies’ mission oriented business functions. This may also include studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts. Examples of consultation include but are not limited to: strategic, business and action planning; high performance work; process and productivity improvement; systems alignment; leadership systems; organizational assessments; cycle time; performance measures and indicators; program audits, evaluations, and customized training.
  • 874-4, 874-4RC Training Services: Contractors shall provide off-the-shelf, or customized off-the-shelf training packages under this SIN to meet specific agency needs related to business services, such as, but not limited to: customer service, team building; ISO 9000, process improvement, performance measurement; statistical process control; performance problem-solving; business process reengineering; quality management; change management; strategic planning; and benchmarking.
  • 874-5, 874-5RC Support Products: Support products are those items used in support of services offered in SINs 1 and 4. They could include: workbooks, training manuals, slides, videotapes, overhead transparencies, software programs, etc. Any support products offered must be supplied in conjunction with services offered herein.

You can access EDC’s GSA schedules at: Please search for GS-10F-0406P. Our contract period runs from July 6, 2004 to July 5, 2019.

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