Time to Learn


Community schools act as a vital lifeline to education for one-fifth of all students in Zambia, yet these schools face many challenges. Teachers are often unpaid volunteers, and books and basic classroom resources are limited. Many students have to walk for miles just to get to class. As a result, student achievement at community schools is often lower than at government-run schools.

EDC is working to improve services and structure of these community schools through the USAID-funded Time to Learn project. In conjunction with Zambia’s Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Time to Learn is working to make education available to young people in Zambia who are living in some of the most challenging circumstances. The project is an essential part of the country’s efforts to meet national education goals as well as the 2015 Education for All and Millennium Development Goals.

Key Activities

The Time to Learn project activities include the following:

  • Develop and deliver a reading program package, including learning materials, teacher training, and improved teacher supervision and support
  • Connect communities with psychosocial support services and scholarship opportunities to mitigate the effect of poverty and HIV/AIDS on children’s learning
  • Test a suite of ICT-mediated training, coaching, and assessment tools that can support teachers, principals, and ministry employees in making sustainable improvements in reading instruction

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  • Reached 13,000 teachers through in-service or intensive coaching programs
  • Distributed more than 850,000 teaching and learning materials to schools
  • Successfully tested mobile phone-based coaching and training packages as well as tablet-based reading resource and assessment suites in community school classrooms

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