With one quarter of the population between the ages of 10 and 24, the demand in Southeast Asia for education and economic opportunity is greater than ever. EDC’s efforts in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Lower Mekong to create meaningful opportunities for youth by aligning public, private, education, and industry partners have been successful, reaching hundreds of thousands of young people.

EDC is also improving elementary and basic education for younger children though high-quality literacy programs, teacher professional development, and policy implementation. And we are fighting drug abuse and HIV/AIDS through programs that help people develop the knowledge and behaviors they need to chart a long, healthy future.


Brenda Bell
Senior International Technical Advisor
Mary Burns
Senior Learning Technologist
Erik Butler
Distinguished Scholar
Bettina Dembek
Senior International Technical Advisor
Lynne Hill
Senior International Technical Advisor
Cornelia Janke
Senior International Technical Advisor
Elizabeth Miller Pittman
International Curriculum and Training Specialist
William Potter
Principal International Technical Advisor
Simon Richmond
Project Director | Applied Technology Specialist
Susan Ross
International Development Specialist
Michael Tetelman
Principal International Technical Advisor
Lisa Hartenberger Toby
Deputy Chief of Party
Jim Vetter
Associate Director


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These free online training courses are designed to help entrepreneurs learn what they need to know to establish and grow a business. Users learn at their own pace in their own time.


In this midterm evaluation of the Basa Pilipinas project in the Philippines, EDC tracked and measured changes in student reading performance.


This report shows the results of EQUIP3’s efforts and demonstrates that certain approaches to positively engaging and supporting youth work better than others.