Injury, Violence, and Suicide Prevention Leading the Way on Child Safety

“CSN synthesizes and shares critical research and innovative examples of evidence-based practices for injury and violence prevention, enabling states to implement effective programs and policies that protect children’s safety.”
–Jennifer Allison, Director, Children’s Safety Network

Child safety is no accident. So when the Health Resources and Services Administration wanted to reduce injuries among children and adolescents in 2015, they turned to EDC’s Children’s Safety Network (CSN).

This year, 18 states, the District of Columbia, and two territories joined CSN’s Child Safety Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (CoIIN), a groundbreaking effort launched to reduce incidents of fatal and serious injury to children by 100,000 over the next three years.

Additionally, through two communities of practice—groups of states working together to learn and solve common problems—CSN helped 10 states, including Maryland, Tennessee, and Vermont, refine programs to reduce distracted and impaired driving. CSN also supported the development of innovative efforts in 15 states, including Minnesota, Nebraska, and Connecticut, to improve the prevention of traumatic brain injury.

CSN delivered public health information about bullying, prescription drug misuse and abuse, and e-cigarette poisoning to practitioners through online and in-person activities, helping them build evidence-informed programs. A leading voice in the field, CSN continues to bring visibility, action, and capacity building to some of the most challenging and important issues in childhood injury prevention.

FY 2015

Key Project Milestones

  • More than 10,000 public health professionals receive injury prevention news and information through CSN.
  • CSN recruits 21 states and territories to participate in the Child Safety CoIIN, a new quality improvement initiative designed to make major reductions in child and adolescent injuries.
  • CSN releases the Bullying Prevention Resource Guide.
  • CSN establishes a steering committee of national stakeholders in child safety and launches the National Coordinated Child Safety Initiative.