Opportunities to Learn

EDC has long been a pioneer in science education. In the 1960s, our media-rich, hands-on physics curriculum showed that science class could be so much more than lectures. Today, we continue to develop courses that foster knowledge and wonder about the natural world. No matter the era, our materials have helped students become curious observers and questioners skilled in the core concepts of science.

This expertise is especially relevant now, at a time when the gap between what science education is and what it could be is widening. As the world becomes more data-intensive, education—specifically science education—has lagged behind. Students are simply not learning the analytical skills that will help them navigate a data-heavy world.

EDC’s response: the Oceans of Data Institute. The Institute is developing innovative tools that will enable students to delve into authentic, professionally gathered sets of big data—the same data that scientists use. And Institute researchers are examining how students make sense of the patterns that they find. So continues our decades-long legacy of building a more scientifically literate public.

Bringing data to the forefront of the science classroom is essential now. Scientific discovery is just as likely to happen in front of a computer as in the lab or onboard a spacecraft. And as we embark on this journey to improve science education, we are remaining true to our core principles: building skills and fostering wonder. Our work is opening doors for a new generation capable of navigating the oceans of data that lie before them.