Opportunities to Strive

Providing young people opportunities to become productive members of society has been a hallmark of EDC’s work for decades. Our basic education and workforce development programs around the world support hundreds of thousands of young people in emerging economies. As these programs improve individual lives, they also help parents and employers see the promise of younger generations.

In Honduras, EDC’s Proyecto METAS is providing a positive alternative to the violence that ensnares so many young people. It has reached more than 40,000 young people with workforce development training and basic literacy and mathematics instruction. And in Macedonia, the EDC-managed Youth Employability Skills (YES) Network is helping young people gain the life and business skills they need to join the workforce.

EDC’s Advancing Youth Project in Liberia goes one step further by combining basic literacy and health instruction into its work readiness programming. The hope? A healthy, literate population will be a successful one, too.

In these countries and others throughout the world, EDC’s work is cementing the building blocks of opportunity, putting thousands on the path to a better life.