Opportunities for Health

Sometimes lost among the heartbreaking stories about bullying and school violence is the fact that these behaviors are preventable. And across the United States, many schools are succeeding in stopping tragedies before they occur.

In Pueblo, Colorado, one middle school’s efforts to address bullying inspired many local businesses to declare their stores to be “bully-free” zones. In Grossmont, California, a yearly, three-day retreat has helped teenagers of diverse backgrounds build empathy and become leaders—and is credited with improving community relations.

EDC has long worked with communities like Pueblo and Grossmont, and sharing their successes is critical to the promotion of safe and healthy schools and communities. The resource-rich website PromotePrevent was developed by EDC to do just that—and more. The website contains activities, advice from peers, and tools. And it draws on relationships with hundreds of community leaders and advocates forged over a decade, most recently through the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention.

More than ever before, schools are finding that supporting students’ emotional needs is the foundation for school success. Through PromotePrevent, EDC is continuing one of its most important legacies—turning research into practice to help communities, schools, and students stay safe and healthy.