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Research has shown that effective school leadership can improve student learning. But while strides have been made to more closely associate effective leader behaviors with school, teacher, and student performance, the specific effects of leader performance on these outcomes remains less clear.

Over the past decade, EDC has contributed to this growing body of knowledge about what makes for effective principal leadership and training with funding from The Wallace Foundation. Through the Quality Measures™ Center for Program Assessment and Technical Assistance, EDC is supporting efforts to improve partnerships between principal preparation programs and school districts—a key step in preparing effective school leaders and improving student performance in chronically low-performing schools across the country.

Key Activities

Through the Quality Measures (QM) Center, EDC has undertaken the following activities:

  • Facilitate the assessment of principal preparation programs to identify strengths and areas of focus for improvement using QM tools and protocols
  • Provide technical assistance to programs that use QM data to develop targeted improvement strategies and interventions
  • Collect, interpret, and share improvement data with clients
  • Facilitate national and local professional learning communities of principal preparation program providers and school districts working together on persistent problems of practice
  • Design metrics and protocols for use in assessing program and partnership effectiveness and capacity for scaling and sustaining best practices
  • Offer an online training and certification program for programs interested in being licensed to use QM tools and protocols
  • Manage an online repository of evidence-based effective practices
  • Serve in an advisory capacity on principal preparation at the state and federal levels


  • Quality Measures: Principal Preparation Program Self-Assessment Toolkit, since release of the updated version on March 5, 2014 through December 31, 2016, the total number of downloads is 4,399 (as an open source tool).
  • Quality Measures: Partnership Effectiveness Continuum, since its release in 2015, has registered 2,977 downloads from the Wallace website (as an open source tool).
  • With the addition of new funding, the total number of EDC facilitated QM self-assessments has expanded to 58 programs in states across the country including Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia, Kentucky, California.
  • EDC’s QM Center launched its QM training and certification program for the purpose of increasing facilitation capacity. The first cohort of 21 tuition-paying participants is due to complete the program and be certified in March 2017.
  • As a result of a decade of work, EDC was recently commissioned by The Wallace Foundation (November 2016) to provide technical assistance to newly funded university principal preparation programs (UPPI) as part of The Wallace Foundation's new multi-million dollar UPPI initiative.
  • In January 2017, The Wallace Foundation awarded EDC’s QM Center another new grant to facilitate statewide self-studies with all principal preparation programs in each of the UPPI states (approximately 75 new programs).

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