Eliza Fabillar works to enhance student learning in secondary schools through a focus on improving teachers’ and administrators’ professional practice. For two decades, she has designed and delivered high-quality professional development and technical assistance nationwide.

During her career at EDC, Fabillar has led the development of high school curricula, including EDC’s Law and Justice and Digital Media Arts, which integrate literacy across subject areas. Fabillar also designs and conducts face-to-face and online professional development activities that use innovative curricula as a tool to improve instructional practice and that emphasize student-centered, inquiry, and problem-based approaches to teaching and learning. Her efforts to build a culture of continuous improvement through ongoing practitioner research and reflection have yielded results in multiple communities, from Fort Worth, Texas, to Portland, Maine.

Fabillar received a BA from City University of New York and an MA in cultural anthropology and education from Columbia University.


District Level Systems Change
Preparing All Learners

Speaking Highlights

Youth Empowerment: Using the Law and Justice Curriculum as a Tool to Build Student Civic Engagement

Panel presentation, Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference
Washington, DC
March 2015

Revisiting the Core Elements of Our Capacity Building Framework for Scaling School Reforms: Lessons from the Field

Panel presentation, University Council for Educational Administration
Washington, DC
November 2014

Teaching and Assessing 21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for Success in Postsecondary Education, the Workplace, and the Global Community

Presentation, American Educational Research Association Annual Conference
San Diego, CA
April 2009

Selected Publications

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