iDesign Formative and Summative Evaluation


How can schools in high-need, low-income communities provide their students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation they will need to participate productively in the STEM workforce?

To answer that question, EDC is examining whether technology-rich learning environments can improve students’ STEM skills through its evaluation of the iDesign program, a collaborative research and development effort led by Hofstra University. iDesign will attempt to develop technological fluency and raise interest in STEM-related activities and careers among underrepresented minority youth by supporting them in the creation of interactive digital games that are culturally and socially relevant.

Key Activities

EDC’s evaluation of iDesign will help guide programmatic decisions as well as inform the larger conversation about how to broaden STEM opportunities for all students. The evaluation will include the following activities:

  1. Conducting formative and summative evaluations to measure change in STEM attitudes for students and teachers participating in the iDesign program
  2. Conducting formative and summative assessments of students’ understanding of computational thinking concepts


Project will reach 12 teachers and 150 elementary, middle, and high school students over three years.

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