July 14, 2016

EDC's Repp Awarded InsideNGO 2016 Excellence Award

WALTHAM, MA | EDC Vice President Ken Repp, director of the International Office of Sponsored Programs, has been awarded the 2016 Excellence Award in Grants & Contracts by the trade association InsideNGO at its annual conference in Washington, D.C.

Repp was nominated by EDC senior vice presidents Nancy Devine and Steve Anzalone, co-directors of the International Development Division, who lauded his leadership role in international programming. Since joining EDC nearly two decades ago, Repp has demystified the regulatory terminology surrounding this funding area, strengthened relationships between project and program teams, and built a culture of compliance that is deeply embedded in the organization. Repp is also known for generously sharing his knowledge and insight widely, both within and beyond EDC.

“Ken Repp exemplifies, in the best way possible, how those of us on the business side of EDC work seamlessly with our colleagues who deliver our program work,” said EDC Senior Vice President and Treasurer Robert Rotner. “His efforts exemplify the fact that we are all one team dedicated to our mission and pulling in the same direction.”

“InsideNGO recognizes the value that strong operational units bring to mission-driven NGOs,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Dente of InsideNGO at the awards ceremony. “The effective management of grants and contracts is a critical part of ensuring organizational effectiveness. Ken’s dedication, hard work, and spirit of collaboration contributes to the NGO community’s shared mission of achieving global impact in addressing some of the world’s most pressing social issues.”

The InsideNGO Excellence Awards were established in 2010 to recognize professionals within the development sector. Winners were chosen from among 50 nominations put forth by InsideNGO member organizations across the United States and internationally earlier this year.

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